My Paintings

This painting is based on my trip to Killarney, Ontario in September 2002.  The old
boat is beached on pink granite and quartzite rock which is approximately 3 billion years old.
Across the channel and in the background is George Island.  Because the water is so clear,
the natural colour is that blue!  If you ever get a chance to visit Killarney, look for this boat

This painting is of the Upper Falls near Old Man's Cave located in Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio.
The park is filled with picturesque waterfalls, deep gorges, towering cliffs, and huge recesses of caves.
The rock in the painting is Blackhand sandstone of varing hardness that has been differentially worn
by erosion producing a unique surface full of pits, cross-bedding, and honey-comb shapes. Cool
deep gorges allow trees such as eastern hemlock (background) to survive in a more southern
climate. If you visit only one park in Ohio, Hocking Hills is THE park to see.  

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