Old Man's Cave - July 2000

Old Man's Cave is located in Hocking Hills, Ohio. It is a 1/2 mile gorge cut out
 of Blackhand sandstone by Old Man's Creek.  Some portions of the gorge
are 150 feet high with ledges of sandstone precariously jutting out on top.

Beginning of Old Man's Cave Trail.

Sign explaining the origins of Old Man's Cave.

Upper Falls side view.

Cascading water.

Devil's Bathtub which supposedly leads to Hades at the bottom.

Near Lower Falls

Fern and moss growing on rock face.

Wild flowers growing on rock ledge.

Bridge across gorge.

Plaque at Old Man's Cave.

Old Man's Cave.  The cave itself.

Lichen on cave surface.

Stairs carved out of rock at base of the cave.

View from underneath stairs.

Stairs (different set) at end of muddy tunnel.

Near lower falls.

Fern from underneath.

Clear Creek roadway with skid marks (15 minutes from Old Man's Cave).

Clear Creek roadway.

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