Killarney - September 2002

Killarney is located on the northwest shore of Georgian Bay.

Killarney Provincial Park - lake on hiking trail.

The hiking trail leads to a pass called the crack (no kidding).

Looking down the Crack.

At the summit of the "Crack" looking down and across the LaCloche Mountain range.

The mountains/hills are over 3 billion years old making them one of the oldest ranges in the world.

Tree on top of the Crack.

Windswept tree on top of the crack.

Quartzite cliffs.

Docks in the town/village of Killarney.

Killarney - looking across the channel to George Island.

Killarney docks.


Pink Granite near the lighthouse.

Determined flower.

Coastline near Killarney Lighthouse

Island in the Pickerel River system.

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