Vocation Resort

""The correct key will push each pin pair up just enough so that the point where the two pins come together lines up perfectly with the space where the cylinder and the housing come together -- this point is called the shear line." [1]   You twist the key, and the door opens.

There's a really plain road outside my house that I drive almost everyday and in all weather conditions and at all times; day in and day out. But, one autumn morning something really neat happened. I pulled out of my driveway and immediately saw a shear line! It was a combination of having the right weather conditions, being at the location and time of day, and having the right angle of the sun that transformed my plain old ordinary road into something quite extraordinary.  After 10 seconds, the tumbler changed and my road was just a road again.  Fortunately, I snapped a glimpse before the door closed.  -Jim

My paintings

Dragon's Lair Video Game

Marion, Ohio

Adena Brook Ravine - Clintonville, June 2002

Alum Creek - Alum Creek Reservoir, February 2003

Tobermory and Flowerpot Island - Bruce Peninsula, July 2004

Florida in the winter - Ah! - Key West Area, February 2004

Flower, flowers, flowers

Franklin Conservatory - Columbus, 2002

Getty Museum - Los Angeles, April 2002

Heritage Trails - Hilliard, 2002

Ice storm - Columbus, February, 2002

Killarney - Ontario, September 2002

Los Angeles - 2002

New England - July 2003

New York - July 2002

Old Man's Cave - Hocking County, July 2002

Park of Roses - Clintonville 2002

Snow - Griggs Reservoir 2003


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