Alum Creek Reservoir - February 2003

Nice Ice BABY!
On this day framed by a clear sapphire sky, Dean and I suited up with skates and warm fuzzy long-johns and a little faith on the frozen Alum Creek Lake. At first we were hesitant to explore, so we found a shallow cove and cleared a 20x20 foot rink. We shinnied with puck and sticks but soon tired of it for it was such a small patch on such a large lake. (Poor goldfishes in a bowl.) Because it was there: We had to explore the frozen expanse. Slowly and cautiously we weened away from the safe shallow shores towards a couple of fishermen huddled on the middle of the lake. We crepted from smooth patch to smooth patch, finding long stretches, short stretches, round and square, each like miniature worlds unto itself to be skated and marked. When we reached the fishermen, we inquired about the thickness. Six to eight inches. Yippee! Nice ice size queens. The ice was safe so we furiously whipped across the wind swept lake. Like the flurry of snow that rudely bumped and shoved us from behind, we with reckless abandonment pushed and shoved back and became the white blur blasting across shimmering glass. Carefree freedom found for a few fleeting moments on a sweet sweet sunny day. -Jim

Look mom, no water!

Reflection of sun on ice.  My blades scratched the surface a bit.

Them winds do blow fast!

My friend near the shore.  Guess who's on the middle of the lake?

Refraction of sunlight on wind-blown snow.

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