Adena Brook Ravine - Clintonville/Columbus, Ohio

 is a quarter-mile of wilderness within the enclave of Clintonville.

Sign at start of brook.

"River" bed.

Layers of shale.  Shale is posing.

Tiny man-made "falls".

Top view of "falls".

Another "river" bed view.

Yet another "river" bed view.

Reflections off water.

Reflection of trees.

Layers of shale.

Shallow "river" bed.

Walking on shallow "river" bed is possible but produces lots of crunching sounds.

Concretions at confluence?

End or beginning of brook?

Foliage and fauna.

Big tree.

Big leaves.

Small leaves.

Wild trout lily catching some sun.

Close-up of wild trout lily.


Wild Life

Baby fishies.

Dragon fly.

Big spider.

Small spider.

Doggie: not-so-wild life likes to run on "river" bed too.

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